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Consultant Plastic Surgeon Marketing

Generate consistent Clients with a system that pays for itself!

Free report reveals how top consultants are generating 32,011 new website visitors resulting in 2,641 new leads and 172 new patient enquiries in 3 weeks. See the steps they took and how to do it yourself.

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Consultant Plastic Surgeons, Here’s How To Attract More Ideal Clients Into Your Clinic
If you’re like most Consultant Plastic Surgeons we’ll bet you are sick to death of marketing struggles, aren’t you? The constant battle to attract a consistent supply of quality, ‘ready-to-commit’ clients for your specialist services… In fact, it is a major source of stress, worry and frustration in your life.
You Are Definitely Not Alone
In a recent study, we found that over 70% of private consultants admit to feeling worried and concerned over the inconsistency in attracting new clients. Having receptionists hand out flyers to help get your name “Out There”. Calling local GPs and hospitals in hope that they’ll recommend you to their patients and some consultants confess to literally begging for referrals! How much is every 15 minute slot without a consultation costing you? Every new consultant that goes private has experienced the panic that no one will come to see them and they wont have any patients. It doesn’t need to be that way and here’s why… DocMartine have created a system specifically for Consultant Plastic Surgeons that generates a consistent flow of high quality clients, not only that but it pays for itself, creating a worry free source of leads. If you are anything like most consultants, you’re a highly regarded expert and great at what you do. It is MARKETING what you do that leaves you feeling all frazzled and frustrated. That is hardly surprising is it? After all, it’s not what you’ve trained long and hard to master. You are first and foremost a Consultant – NOT a marketer. When you think about it, the solution is obvious. – You need someone who does understand marketing to either: 1. Show you exactly what you need to know and do. Or… 2. Come alongside and actually do it for you. And this page is where 1 of those 2 solutions are presented to you. Our entire business is all about showing professionals just like you how to generate top-quality leads and then convert them into satisfied clients. We have created a marketing system tailored just for attracting your ideal clients so that you can perform your most preferred procedures. An end to end solution from advertising to educating and coaxing your ideal client to make the call.

 Here’s a little about what you get…
Clever, Attractive and Powerful Done For You Advertising That Works
Local consultants won’t know how to compete with you. They’ll be at a loss as to how you’re stirring such emotion with your ideal clients. You no longer need to think up professional or sophisticated or whitty adverts. With world class copywriters taking your clinic’s most desirable assets and polishing it with moving and emotional words. Creating advertising copy so powerful that your ideal client can’t help but respond and do exactly as the ad tells them. With the ability to target your ideal client all over the internet, they won’t go a day without seeing your name and the extraordinary transformations that you can provide to them. While they’re shopping online, searching for answers to their procedure fears and questions or simply socialising on Facebook, your brand will be strategically placed, turning from Pest to Welcome Guest in the eyes of your most desirable potential clients. As time goes on, the cost to acquire a client will continually get less and less expensive as our professional analysts constantly measure and tweak your advertising performance. You benefit from more higher ROI and profit without ever having to get involved with the technical jargon that comes with online advertising.
Build a virtual rolodex of only the most interested ideal clients that need just a tiny nudge to book a consultation
A cardinal sin that your competing consultants are committing, is not using the correct method to push website visitors in to a virtual rolodex of interested potential clients. If your adverts have simply been directing people to your contact us page, then you need to listen carefully. You can now have specially made website pages that that have one single purpose of collecting your ideal client’s contact details and storing them in your virtual rolodex. Every time someone clicks on one of your compelling adverts they are sent down a slippery slope, providing the information they need to move them to the next step. Taking them from being just another website visitor (vanishing into the night) and converting them in to a hot lead that you can follow up with. Not only that but you can now automate the entire follow up process.
Create Trust And Display Authority In The Eyes Of Your Ideal Client Without Lifting A Finger
Positioning yourself as the trusted authority in your field is even easier with an automated follow up system. Designed to build a relationship with your potential client 24/7 365. Answering questions and handling the typical objections, your follow up system will coax your interested visitor off the fence and on to the phone. Your follow up system never calls in sick, never asks for a pay rise and never has an “off day”. No matter what you’re doing or where you are in the world, your automated system will educate your interested client, prove that you’re the only sensible option available and will have them booking an appointment in no time.
Every Single Penny That Is Used To Generate A Customer Is Tracked And Accounted For
We operate a 100% transparency business that allows you to see every penny that is spent acquiring your most ideal clients and preferred procedures. From the exact ad a client clicked on 6 months ago, to the Facebook post that they read before joining your virtual rolodex. You’ll be able to see and track each and every movement that a client has taken since first hearing about or seeing your brand online. Becoming a client of DocMartine’s marketing system will, in no time, clearly be the smartest investment you have made in your business to date. There are no contracts and you can cancel any time.
This Is Not Available To Every Consultant
We’re very strict as to which consultants we will work with, honouring privacy as well as location based competition. Therefore we can only work with a handful of consultants.

Update: 2016

3 spots are available for the remainder of 2015. This spot will be taken soon and we urge all interested parties to submit the application forms as soon as possible. Please complete this form and we will contact your shortly.